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La Intrusa

Virginia interviews Hilario Santos, that is actually Rodrigo who returned, but in a disguise. Maximiliana insists on locking Maricruz in the convent.

Sagrario tries to stop Junior's and Tania's wedding. Johnny says good-bye to Violeta. Surprisingly, Rodrigo presents himself before Memito; later on the kid tells to Sagrario what happened and how he thinks that Rodrigo is just the spirit.

Anabella asks Virginia to be the maid of honor on her's and Carlos Alberto's wedding. Juvencio reveals to Carlos Alberto all the tricks that the Roldan's used against him to steal his fortune. Junior and Tania are planning to alope if the wedding does not happend. Virginia finds herself before Junior and is about to confess to him the truth about Sagrario.

As Anabella learned about the fraude that her family committed, she is convincing Maximiliana not to oposse to her wedding with Carlos Alberto. Maricruz decides to enter the convent in order to save Aldo from her mother's hatred. Raquel intrigues against Virginia by lying to Danilo.

Carlos Alberto asks Virginia to admit that they are still in love with each other. Violeta falls in depression, because of Johnny's absence. Tania decides to return her engagement ring to Junior. Virginia promisses to Danilo that he is the only man she loves.

Elena gets even more crazy when she sees Anabella's wedding wale.
Lupita finds out that Junior had yet another girlfriend with whom he was planning to get married. Carlos Alberto is determined to get back the factory, originally stolen from his father.

Raquel flirts with Danilo. Violeta seems to get more crazy from the pain, that Johnny's leaving had caused. Rodrigo thinks about what will happend once when everybody will discover that he's not dead.