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La Intrusa

Rodrigo Junquera appears before Juvencio and is telling him that his death was only inscinuated. Carlos Alberto asks Virginia about her mother. Maximiliana reproaches Anabella for revealing Carlos Alberto her backround. Junior seduces Lupita again and she falls.
Alirio and Maximiliana are discussing why he has revealed an very important secret. Maricruz is calling Aldo and invites him to go out with her. Virginia and Sagrario are talking about Carlos Alberto's family.
Carlos Alberto is certain that Virginia and Danilo are seeing eachother secretly in the Junquera house. Raquel and Humberto are fighting, she's not readdy to forgive him his deception.
Maricruz and Aldo are deciding to see eachother in secret. Maximiliana finds out about their date and threatens Maricruz with sending her to the convent. Carlos Alberto is readdy to work in Alirio's factory.
Violeta, Raquel and Anabella are celebrating Anabella's upcoming wedding to Carlos Alberto. On the window, Anabella sees the face of one man and Virginia goes to investigate who was it. Maximiliana tries to convince Laura, that Junior is only after Tania's money.
Virginia reproaches Raquel for making her look bad afront Carlos Alberto and is telling her that the man who left the house the other night was Humberto. Raquel confesses to Virginia that she is interested in Danilo. Aldo is telling to Virginia that he is seeing Maricruz again. Rodrigo wants to work in plateria factory again. Maricruz is talking to Aldo and is telling him that she doesn't want to see him anymore. Violeta flirts with her music teacher. Laura investigates about Junior to know if he's really in bancrrupt. Maricruz cries afront Alirio and confesses that her mother is trying to make her crazy, like she did with Elena.
Father Chema asks Carlos Alberto to leave Virginia alone. Carlos Alberto confesses to Virginia that Father Chema told him everything. Vanessa arrives to Mexico to visit her sister Virginia.  Victor is calling Junior to come to his office and he asks for an explanation about his economical situation. Vanessa presents herself to Carlos Alberto and flirts with him, but he ignores her. Maximiliana gets mad, because Maricruz managed to escape from the house. Virginia reproaches Vanessa the way she is dressing. Maximiliana discovers her daughter with Aldo.