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La Intrusa

Junior tries to seduce Lupita, but Sagrario discoveres him and throws him out of the bedroom.
Junior gets furious, because he didn't get what he wanted.
Sagrario sees with pain how Junior shows nothing but hate towards her, no matter how hard she tries.
Maximiliana makes everybody to believe that memito is Virginia's and Rodrigo's son.
Anabella is the one who makes sure for the rumor to get spreated and she begins with her brother, Danilo.
Violeta suffers a crisis that enables her to move her legs and she uses her state to ofend Virginia.
Raquel and Junior are learning that their father's last will became in favor of Virginia and that she's the
only one who can control the money that Rodrigo has left.
Virginia tries to get back the painting previously robbed from the Junquera mansion.
Elena gets frightend, when she sees the man on the street who robbed her daughters, but nobody believes her.
Violeta discovers Virginia with Carlos Alberto's photo and while making fun of her, she makes her destroy it before her eyes.
Violeta is telling everybody that Virginia is still in love with Carlos Alberto.
Danilo manages to convience Virginia to work with him in the factory.
Maximiliana showes up and acts superior before Virginia and is making clear that she's the owner of the factory.
Alirio feels preassured by his wife and daughter. He admits to Anabella a big secret that has tormented him troughout the years.
Anabella runs to tell this secret to Carlos Alberto.
Aldo feels attracted to Maricruz, the Roldan's youngest daughter.
All of her life, Maricruz was humiliated by Maximiliana.