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La Intrusa

Danilo is running into Virginia more and more and he insists in seeing her.
He admits that he's in love with her and is giving her an expensive Emerald ring, which she refuses to take, so she wouldn't have any obligation towards him.
Raquel asks Joaquín Velarde if he can beat Rodrigo's last will and she starts a relationship with this married man and she gives herself to him, without thinking about the concequences.
Renata, Joaquín's wife enfrents Raquel. Carlos Alberto finds out that Joaquín humiliated his sister and he beats him.
A valuable Rembrandt painting has been stolen from Junquera's house and everybody are blaming Virginia.
Carlos Alberto asks Virginia for a forgiveness, because he humiliated her.
Virginia meets Elena and during the conversation she gets a strange feeling; She talks to her very gently.
Junior's girlfriend is telling him loud and clear, that she's not interested in his money, only to marry him, because she loves him.
Sagrario tries to convince Lupita not to fall under Junior's lies.
Maximiliana has decided that her children can not have any relationship with Junquera, she pais a visit to Carlos Alberto to offer him the money in exchange to leave her daughter.
Maximiliana lies to Anabella and is telling her that she allows a romance between her and Carlos Alberto.
To get a revange on Carlos Alberto, a lawyer Joaquín doesn't want to beat Rodrigo's last will and is giving Virginia a full power.