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La Intrusa

Maximiliana is against that Anabella continue as Carlos Alberto's girlfriend, especially now when family is ruined.
Carlos Alberto learns about his father's death and he is sorry, because how egoistic and frivolous he was with him.
Carlos Alberto doesn't want to forgive Virginia, because she occulted a seriousness of his father's illness.
Virginia starts making the preparations for Rodrigo's funeral.
Maximiliana and her family are presenting themselves, only at the church service for Rodrigo Junquera.
Father Chema is determined never to reveal Rodrigo's secret.
Carlos Alberto proposes a marriage to Anabella.
Sagrario discovers that it was Junior who robbed the money from her closet.
Raquel decides to ask for help her ex-school mate, he hires her as his secretary and tries to make pass at her.
Carlos Alberto is furious with Virginia, because he thinks she has something going with Danilo Roldan.
Anabella and Virginia runned into eachother and Anabella thinks that the intruder is the one who's guilty, because
Carlos Alberto broke up with her.
Maximiliana learns that Virginia is Rodrigo Junquera's widow.
Danilo starts accompanying Virginia everywhere, but he also knows that she's Rodrigo's herres.
Maximiliana is furious, because of the relationship between Virginia and Danilo.