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La Intrusa

Virginia, a beautiful woman with a good heart is working as a governess of Rodrigo Junquera's youngest son.
Since her arrival to the house, her boss' children are showing her nothing, but resentment.
When she meets Carlos Alberto Junquera, Virginia gets attracted to him, even though he has a girlfriend Anabella,
who doesn't tolerate Virginia and starts evil rumors about the governess and don Rodrigo, beeing lovers.

Alirio and Maximiliana Roldan, hate the Junquera Family and even though, they don't accept their children's
Anabella & Danilo's love relationships with the Junquera children, their ambition is forcing them to sacrifice their children
to get their hands on Junquera fortune.

When don Rodrigo discovers that he is suffering from a fatal illness and that his fortune isn't as big anymore as he thought,
he decides that Virginia is the only one who can keep his family united and who can keep the little money that has left intacted.
For that reason, he talks her into marrying him in secret, so by doing that his children would have safe and secure future.

Virginia gets submitted to constant attacks of Raquel as well as from the rest of the siblings.
In her, they see an enemy and they are only using her to get what they want from their father, especially the money.

When don Rodrigo feels that his end has come, he decides to go to New York in order to die there peacefully.
Now, Virginia has turned out to be a young stepmother of his children, whom now they hate more then ever.