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La Usurpadora


Paulina Martínez is a young, poor girl, that lives with her ill mother in a cottage, on the coast of Cancun. To be able, to pay for her mother's medicines, she is forced to work in a ladies bathroom of an expensive hotel. Paulina is in love with her boyfriend Osvaldo. He is ambitious young man, who loves Paulina, but his wish to prosper is stronger than anything. However, the day comes when the woman named Paola Bracho comes into Paulina's life. Both women notice, unbelievable similarities. Paola Bracho is a cold, calculated and unscrupulous woman, married to Carlos Daniel Bracho, a rich businessman.

She can't stand her family, but she doesn't want to leave, because the family is giving her financial stabillity. Paola is having fun by going on different trips, under the excuse that she is visiting a number of doctors. The truth is, that she is spending the time with her lovers. She uses her similarity with Paulina, in a way to force the girl to substitute her for a year in her house, so her family wouldn't notice a thing. In the meantime, she will go on a trip around the world, with her new lover Alessandro Farrina. Paulina doesn't want to accept Paola's offer, but when her mother's health becomes worst, she will be forced to ask for the money, to be able to buy the expensive medicines. For exchange, Paola asks for one time substitution on one of her dates with her lover. Everything goes on perfectly. Paulina wants to leave it at that, but Paola doesn't want to give up that easily, especially now. She is willing to force her double to substitute her, at any cost. Paola uses an evil intrigue on Paulina and presents her double as a thief and threatens her with a jail, if she doesn't take her up on her offer. At that point, Paulina's mother dies and her boyfriend Osvaldo is leaving her, without an explanation. Now, there's nothing else left to do for Paulina, but to accept Paola's offer.

Paola's husband, Carlos Daniel Bracho is a head executive of one of the largest Mexican ceramic factories. The factory slowly begins to fall in the financial crisis. Carlos Daniel's first wife died and she left him alone with two small children. The children are convienced that Paola is their real mother and Carlos Daniel is blindly in love with his new wife. Not even his brother Rodrigo can make him see that his wife is using and deceiving him. The head of the Bracho family is a grandmother Piedad. There are also Carlos Daniel's adoptive sister Estefanía and her husband Willy. Grandmother Piedad is usually a very strong person, but after the death of her husband and son, she finds the comfort in alcohol. Estefanía and Willy can't stand each other. Estefanía hates Paola as well because, her husband Willy had a sexual relationship with Paola.

When Paola finally teaches Paulina how to act as her, she sends her off to the Bracho house. At first, her life in the house is extremelly hard and she's having many problems with impersonating Paola and the situation, that she finds there is also extremelly hard and chaotic. The children are left to themselves, grandmother is enjoying alcohol, Estefanía and Willy are constantly fighting and everybody treates Paulina with hate, because they think she's Paola. Paulina spends most of her days in calming the bad blood that Paola has caused. With many patience and love, she manages to do many things for the good of the family. She cures grandmother Piedad from alcohol; she gives to the children unconditional love and care and saves the factory from the certain ruin. Paulina builds a special relationship with Carlos Daniel's eldest son, little Carlitos, who becomes addicted to her.

Everybody is stunned with "Paola's" change, especially Carlos Daniel, who doesn't know what to thing in regard of Paola. Paulina refuses to be with him even though, she is starting to fall in love with him, but she is aware that Carlos Daniel is not her husband and that he doesn't belong to her. Paulina doesn't want to suffer when the day of her leaving the family will come except that, she thinks that Carlos Daniel only wants her because, he thinks that she is Paola.

Paulina's life will continue to be full of problems. Now, against her are: Carlos Daniel's ex-lover Gema and also the greed of Paola's lover, who knows that she is only Paola's double. The highlight of her suffering will be, when Paola decides to return before the time, to take back what is hers. Now, Paulina will have to leave the family, that she has grown to love as her own. In the meantime, she will be accused for a crime, that she committed, when she agreed to take Paola's identity...


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Gabriela Spanic - Paola Bracho /Paulina Martínez
Fernando Colunga - Carlos Daniel Bracho
Libertad Lamarque - Abuela Piedad Bracho
Chantal Andere - Estefanía Bracho
Arturo Peniche - Edmundo Serrano
Dominika Paleta - Gema Durán
Mario Cimarro - Luciano Alcantara
Marcelo Buquet - Rodrigo Bracho
Juan Pablo Gamboa - Willy
Paty Díaz - Lalita
Alejandro Ruiz - Leandro
Giovan D'Angelo - Donato D'Angelis
Anastasia - Viviana
Jessica Jurado - Patricia Bracho
Antonio - Osvaldo
Magda Guzman - Fidelina
Nuria Bages - Paula Martínez
Ninon Sevilla - Cachita
María Luisa Alcala - Filomena
Tito Guízar - Don Panchito
Enrique Lizalde - Alessandro Farrina
Sylvia Derbez - Dona Chabela
Rene Munoz - El Mojarras
Silvia Caos - Cenobia
Iran Eory - Lourdes
Mario Caballido - Amadór
Adriana Fonseca - Verónica
Jaíme Garza - Merino
Miguel de León - Douglas Maldonado
Azela Robinson - Elvira
Rafael Amador - Dr. Galicia
Meche Barba - Abigaíl
Miguel Corcega - Braulio
Humberto Elizondo - Silvano Pina
Rebeca Manríquez - Tamales
Maricruz Najera - Emiliana
Angelina Pelaez - Ricarda
Los Ninos
Maria Solares - Lisette
Sergio Miguel - Carlitos

Tema "La Usurpadora"

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Jose Antonio "Potro" Farias

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Norma Brena

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Martha Leticia Rivera

Jefes de Producción
Sara Smith
Manuel Esparza

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Aarón Gutierrez
Leticia Díaz

Juan Franco
Marco A. Rocha

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Nathalie Lartilleux

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Ernesto Arreola

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Salvadór Mejía Alexandre

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