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The actress mentioned that the invitation from Colombian producer came, after she filmed several commercials in RTI studios, last week.


México City ( February 9th, 2002). - After her exclusive contract with Televisa for 3 telenovelas expired and without anything concrete on signing the new one, Gabriela Spanic is traveling to Colombia to star in a new telenovela which she will make for RTI Television and will be broadcasted trough Telemundo.
"My contract expired in May last year, but ofcourse they paid me until October when "La Intrusa" finished. I had it very good. I still didn't talk to anybody on Televisa about my decission, I will do it next week, but I don't think there should be any problems, because I'm free now".

However, she admits there was a common interest from both parties about re-newing the contract, Spanic comments that they couldn't work out the deal on the future projects she might appear in and at the same time the offer from Colombia came.
"I have many things to be thankful for to the company, because they signed me under their name and they gave me the opportunity to become known abroad, also to Carlos Romero (the writer of "La Usurpadora"), because he was the one who brought me to Mexico. Thanks to Televisa I got offers from everywhere and that's why Gabriela is interested of making a novela that could be sold all over".
"But now I think that it's time for me to grow as an actress and this is a totally different project from the ones I've made before in my life".

She mentioned that the invitation from Colombian producer came, after she filmed several commercials in RTI studios, last week.
"I went there to film several commercials for various products, when the president and the executives from the company arrived to the studio and they told me that they are interested in making one telenovela with me. We still didn't sign the contract, but I believe it will be only for this novela".

More then a financial aspect of the offer, she assures what attracted her the most to this melodrama, which title she prefers to keep to herself, because it reveals a type of the character she will portray, it's the story.
"It's not about the money, I'm sure there won't be any problems on that part. I thought about things very well and now there's nothing more to think about. All the cards are open on the table right now and I think it's good for me to go, because the story is really good".
"The only thing I can say is that there aren't double characters nor the twins and to balance those things is the most convenient right now".

Spanic says how the help that Televisa offered to her, like the house, she doesn't need to return at this point, because
her husband still has his own contract with the TV station from San Angel.
"Miguel will stay in the house, because he still has one more year of contract . I won't borrow him to any telenovela right now, so most likely is that he will join me and if he gets to work on something, he will return to Mexico. Anyhow, my sister will stay in the house, because she lives here now".

The actress says that she will stay in this South-American country for about a year and after that she will return to Mexico, but it all depends on the offers she might get by then.
"I will return when I finish with the filming and by then, most likely Televisa will want to talk to me again. I want to stay in Mexico, because it was a good school to work with different directors, to have good coleagues and to have people that always treated me very nice". With this new project, also the star from "Por Tu Amor", the wish to become a mother got posponded once again.
"I tried to have a baby, but it didn't work out, and this new telenovela came, so there must be a reason for it".