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Beautiful Venezuelan actress made one of her biggest dreams come true. To travel to the land where her grandparents were born, Croatia and to get to know the family spreated all over the country. Gaby traveled to Slovenia and Croatia in company of her sister Daniela and Mr.Hector Cardenas, Coordinator of international operations on "Televisa". They also promoted telenovela "La Usurpadora", that had a huge succes in those far away lands.

Spanic's mooved from Croatia during World War Two. After beeing in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia,where she visited TV station,gave press conferences,was invited to "Viktor awards", that were given to best actors and public figures of that country,she also received affection of Slovenians, Gaby transfered to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. She was invited by the "Gloria" magazine, one of the most important of that country.

Five days lasted her visit to Croatia. She was head of the jury in the "Miss Universe Croatia" pagent. She visited Tv and radio stations, the orphan children where she was so emotionally touched that she cried,also she gave a press conference in Bezanec castle. gabriela also visited the beautiful waterfalls in a national park Krka. She was on Adriatic coast, also on some Archipielogic islands of Dalmatia and in a small, but very romantic town Sibenik, place where her grandparends lived and where her father Casimiro Spanic was born.

Finally,the crown of the visit was, when Gaby and her twin sister Daniela attended unforgetable and emotional dinner party with their croatian relatives. The dinner was organized by the "Gloria" magazine. Spanic's also exchanged presents, phone numbers and addresses, also promissed that they will stay in touch, they also promissed to come back very soon in Croatia with their father.